The Lions in Winter is what happened when, the morning after the Lions completed their winless 2008 campaign, I sat down at a computer and started typing.  The first post stands as manifesto and mission statement, background information and headline, "About Me" and "About This Blog", all in one:

But me? I'm a fan. I was born a fan, and I will die a fan. The hooting and derision of the American sports culture has set my resolve. I'm sick of getting snickers on the football-y corners of the Internet. I'm sick of getting reaction takes when I wear Lions gear around town. I've thought about starting this blog for years, but this morning I knew that today was the day. I've pulled my hood tight, I've loaded up the sled with wood, and I've got fuel and spark to spare. I'm going to reclaim my Lions pride. I'm going to fan that little blue flame into the great big bonfire it ought to be, and nobody's going to be prouder than me when thousands are once again carrying torches to rally behind this team.

Having said that, I'm a happily dedicated husband, who's hopelessly devoted to my three young kids.  I love food, beer, music, and toys that go 'beep'.  I'm a professional IT nerd, semi-pro musician, and wholly amateur Lions writer/blogger/fan/enthusiast.


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